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email marketing & client engagement

Here's something to consider: You probably don't speak to your customers as much as you could...or should...

Email marketing and client engagement is a hot topic of discussion in internet marketing circles, but what about the average business owner and what they may or may not know? There are so many variables - how often to send an email...what kind of message to send...what tone to adopt in the email, how long / short the message should be... The list is endless. The good news is there are no hard and fast rules; each email marketing campaign should be targeted specifically with your business goals and customers in mind. This is where im genius can help your business.

With email marketing design, implementation and consultancy services, im genius clients are free to pick and choose the options they'd like help with - the choice lies with the client.

im genius can provide professional email marketing services including:

Get in touch with im genius to see how we can help your business engage in a conversation with your clients and achieve an increase in up-sales to current or past clients and have them singing your praises to their friends and family (a.k.a. referrals!)