intelligent internet marketing

intelligent website design

At im genius, we believe that excellence in website design and usability go hand in hand. Effective web design is a highly specialised area employing many different skillsets. These include creating a clear, consistent branding message. Page layout, the user interface, colours, graphics and text all play an important role in a website's 'look and feel'.

intelligent website usability

Website usability is all about the ease with which visitors can navigate a particular site and the speed with which they find what they're looking for. The definition may seem simple enough, but there's plenty of subtleties which are often overlooked during the design and building of a website. It's all about user anticipation - is your site intuitive to visitors?

Once a visitor arrives at your website, they should be able to navigate the site and understand the goals and specific actions they need to take to achieve your desired outcome. Are you confident in the way your information architecture is organised? Some questions of usability we like to address are:

Don't let your business succumb to the pitfalls of poor design and usability. Get in touch to maximise your user's engagement - an improved user experience means more leads and conversions for your organisation!